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Education Showreel
Vertical Drone Reel 2023
Honey Never Spoils.mp4
Worker Bees Are Female.mp4
Avalanche Survival Tips.mp4
fiesta short vertical.mp4
Fiesta Long.mp4
Bloom in SB PART I.MP4
A Brief History of Earth Day
You Can't Prevent Thoughts
Anchoring Attention
Student Orientation
Finding Focus Teaser
Drone Reel Sept '22
Minnesota From Above


Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 11_edited.png
Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 12.01_edited.png
Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 12.03_edited.png
Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 12.05_edited.png
Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 12_edited.png
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